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Do away with blocked gutters & down-pipes

All-Clear Gutter Guard NQ was started in Cairns by Stephen Porter in 2007, having much experience in previous business management. In trying to keep his own gutters clear and only being able to buy inferior products, Stephen could see the need for a good quality gutter guard that protects gutters from flooding and do away with the hazardous job of gutter cleaning for home-owners in the Cairns & Tableland areas.

All-Clear have been supplying and fitting the BlueScope Steel gutter protection system in the Cairns and Townsville areas since 2007. And recently made North Queensland’s main agent for the Blue Mountain Aluminium & Steel range of Mesh Gutter Guard Systems. This enables us to fit all our gutter guard products to metal and tile roofs.

Contact us to arrange a free on-site appraisal, so we can advise you on the appropriate gutter mesh for your gutters.

Don’t attempt to clean your gutters yourself

Unprotected gutters, are a major issue during any wet season, be it at your home or office, Leaves, twigs, or nesting birds, they often ‘clog-up’ your gutters & downpipes, preventing proper water flow and causing flooding or leaks in and around your property.

Not only can this lead to water damage and rotting of roof timbers in your roof but also cause algae growth around the gutters, walls, and footpaths of your house. Leaf debris can build-up in your gutters and go unnoticed until the first big downpour causes problems.

With an All-Clear Gutter Guard fitted, either steel or aluminium, your gutters will stay clear and draining properly, for 20 years plus, into the future. With the great lasting benefit of not having to be up a ladder cleaning the gutters out regularly, it’s a pastime that gets more hazardous the older we get!

We service areas from

Cairns, Innisfail, Atherton to Mareeba, Mossman, Port Douglas and All of the Tablelands & Townsville areas.

Otherwise, call Steve direct on 0400 724 278 for experienced gutter advice and a free home quote.

All-Metal Gutter Protection Systems that work & last

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4mm BlueScope Steel Mesh

4mm Aluminium Mesh

Quality Gutter Guards

Our range of top-quality metal gutter guards shield your gutters from all leaf-debris, birds, and other vermin, keeping your gutters flowing freely and decreasing the chance of water damage or flooding caused by blocked gutters. If you are on the Tablelands, or the Cairns region, our All-Clear Metal Gutter Guard are made to deal with our harsh environment, from the heavy rain during the wet-seasons or to deter leaf embers during the dry fire season where cheaper products will just fail or melt and perish.

All Metal Construction

Designed to work & last

For metal or tiled roofs

Tried and tested design

About All-Clear Gutter Guard Products

All-Clear products are designed to fit all types of guttering while blending in with the colour and aesthetic of the structure. They are stronger and much more durable than competing products. The staff at All-Clear Gutter Guard NQ are trained and experienced in all aspects of gutter problems that home-owners can experience and offer solutions to what would otherwise be a hazardous chore, cleaning gutters! All-Clear Gutter Guard NQ is recognised as the Leader in all Australian States for Reliable & Affordable Gutter Guards.


Are gutter guards worth it?

Absolutely! We believe that gutter guards are an essential investment for every homeowner, especially in areas like ours where heavy rains and leafy surroundings are common. Our gutter guards prevent blockages from leaves, twigs and birds, ensuring your gutters function efficiently. This not only protects your home from water damage but also saves you from the risky and time-consuming task of frequent gutter cleaning. With our gutter guards, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is protected.

How long do gutter guards last?

The longevity of gutter guards is a testament to their quality. Here at All-Clear Gutter Guard NQ, we offer robust metal gutter guards, including options in steel and aluminium, built to endure the challenging weather. Our products are designed to last over 20 years, providing long-term protection for your gutters against debris and pests. Investing in our gutter guards means investing in decades of security for your home.

Can gutter guards handle heavy rain?

Yes, our gutter guards are engineered to handle heavy rain, a critical feature for homes in regions like Cairns and Townsville. Our 4mm BlueScope steel and aluminium mesh guards are specifically designed to maintain unobstructed water flow during heavy downpours. This design is important in preventing gutter overflows and subsequent water damage during the wet season, making our gutter guards an indispensable addition to your home.

How often should I clean my gutter guards?

One of the greatest benefits of our gutter guards is the reduced need for gutter cleaning. While our guards significantly decrease the accumulation of debris, we recommend a light cleaning once or twice a year. This maintenance is minimal compared to the demands of cleaning unprotected gutters and can be completed safely and swiftly. Regular, simple upkeep ensures your gutter system remains effective throughout the year.

Are gutter guards suitable for all roof types?

Absolutely! At All-Clear Gutter Guard NQ, we offer versatile gutter guard solutions in Cairns that are ideal for various roofing styles, including both metal and tiled roofs. Our comprehensive range, featuring robust products like BlueScope steel, ensures compatibility with a broad spectrum of roof types. This adaptability ensures you can access and benefit from our high-quality, durable gutter protection services.

Can gutter guards deter pests and insects?

Yes, they can. One of the lesser-known benefits of installing gutter guards is their ability to deter pests and insects. Our gutter guards prevent the accumulation of leaves and debris, which often serve as nesting and breeding grounds for various pests and insects. By keeping your gutters clean and clear, our gutter guards reduce the likelihood of pest infestations, contributing to a healthier and more hygienic home environment.

Are gutter guards fire-resistant?

Fire resistance is a critical consideration, especially during the dry fire season. Our gutter guards are made from high-quality materials like BlueScope steel and aluminium mesh, which are known for their fire-resistant properties. These materials can help deter leaf embers and provide an added layer of protection against potential fire hazards. Our gutter guards are designed to offer a significant level of resistance in fire-prone conditions.

Can gutter guards be installed in older homes?

Certainly, the age of your home doesn’t prevent the installation of gutter guards. Our team at All-Clear Gutter Guard NQ is skilled in fitting gutter guards to a range of homes, including older properties. We assess each home individually to ensure that our gutter guards are installed effectively, regardless of the age or style of the house. This means that even owners of older homes in Cairns can enjoy the benefits of our durable and efficient gutter guard systems.