A common issue at home or office is that blocked gutter can cause big problems in the wet season. Leaves and twigs can clog the waterways and downpipes, preventing proper water flow and causing flooding in and around the property. Not only can this lead to water damage and rotting plus algae growth around the gutters, walls and footpaths but the leaf material build-up can be in your gutter out of sight until the first big downpour, then you can have the problems. Even birds, bats, rats & snakes make their way into your ceiling cavity via the guttering, which only exacerbates the problem, with their nest building rubbish but also with lice and their excrement. By fitting an All-Clear Gutter Protection System, you do away with all those problems for years into the future.
Providing quality gutter guards that work and last, All-Clear Gutter & Guard NQ was founded by Stephen Porter after years of experience in business management, specialising in supplying customers with the products they wanted. We have been supplying and fitting the Allclear BlueScope Steel gutter protection system in the Cairns and Townsville areas since 2007 and recently have been made North Queensland main agent for the Blue Mountain Alloy & Steel range of Mesh Gutter Guard Systems. So we can now fit to all metal and tile roofs.

Quality gutter guards

Our range of top-quality metal gutter guards shields your gutters from debris and pests, keeping them flowing freely and decreasing the chance water damage or flooding. If you’re on the Tablelands or in and around the Townsville region, an All-Clear Metal Gutter Guard will deter leaf embers during the fire season, PVC or plastic products will just perish and melt. All-Clear products are designed to fit all types of guttering, blending nicely with the structure’s aesthetic and are stronger and much more durable than competing products. The staff at Allclear Gutter & Guard NQ are trained and experienced in all aspects of gutter problems to help abolish what would otherwise be a hazardous chore. Unfortunately many people suffer serious injuries falling from ladders each year around Australia.

Tried and tested with tremendous success in the marketplace, we are now recognised as the leader in all Australian states for reliable and affordable gutter guards.

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"I've had this product on my house for about 8 years and never had to worry about cleaning the gutters again. Can thoroughly recommend it as it truly is a set and forget solution to the overflowing and rusting out gutters. Anyone can contact me if they wish to discuss. And I have no connection with the business owner in any way other than as a satisfied customer."

Douglas J Norris – Holloways Beach

*Customer quote from a meeting at the 2017 Home Show held in Cairns last June

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