Water Tanks Cairns

Do you drink from your water tank?

The goal of collecting water in your tank is to have cleaner rainwater – and lots of it – for use in your home or around your property. However, leaves in your gutters can compromise the quality of your tank water, meaning you may end up collecting inferior rainwater and less of it. As such, it’s important to keep leaves and other organic material from your roof, out of your tank so you get the greatest possible volume of fit-for-purpose water in your rainwater tanks.

A First-Flush unit fitted for water tank.

Why do leaves matter?

Leaves pose several problems for successful Rain Harvesting.

By clogging your gutters and downpipes, leaves can prevent rainwater from entering your rainwater system in the first place, significantly reducing the volume of water you collect.

This then leaves you vulnerable to the vagaries of drought and low rainfall, restricting you from using your rainwater as desired.

In addition to this, fresh and composting leaves in your gutters and water tank can compromise your water’s opacity, colour and odour, sometimes even rendering it fowl tasting or unfit for human consumption. This can pose threats to your health and can lead to unnecessary wastage and water shortages.

A build-up of leaves in your gutters can also attract insects, rats and other vermin. In turn, these pests can cause added clogging and contamination, adversely affecting your rainwater quantity and quality even further.

With your gutters securely protected with an All-Clear or Bmco gutter guard, your gutters will send clear water into your tank, free of all the bric-a-brac off your roof. And coupled with a good ‘First-flush’ system and serviced filters, your tank water will be always fit for drinking.

Gutter Mesh Products Available


4mm Aluminium Mesh

All-Clear BlueScope

4mm Steel Mesh