How can I prevent leaves from blocking my gutters and valleys?

You can install All-Clear Gutter Guard NQ, a high-quality gutter protection system that effectively stops leaves from blocking your gutters and valleys.

Why should I choose All-Clear Gutter Guard NQ?

Aside from preventing the dangers of climbing onto the roof to clean gutters yourself, blocked gutters and valleys can cause major water damage inside your home. Many roofers, builders, and insurance companies believe that most water damage to ceilings is caused by broken tiles and valleys blocked with leaves. Many insurance companies ask that gutter guards be installed prior to repairing water-damaged ceilings.

Is All-Clear Gutter Guard NQ suitable for bushfire zones?

Yes, All-Clear Gutter Guard NQ offers quality Diamond Aluminium 2mm & 4 mm mesh with a fire rating of 0 (Zero), in high-grade Aluminium fine mesh or BlueScope Steel that has a fire rating of 1 (One). Bushfire regulations require a gutter guard with a rating of less than 5, for any gutter guard will keep your gutters free from leaves and reduce the risk of ember attack during a bushfire.

What does the standard say? According to AS3959–2009, gutter guards are optional for anyone building a new home in an area with a BAL of 12.5, 19, 29, 40 or FZ. However, if you choose to use gutter guards such as gutter mesh on your home, the standard is clear: “if installed, gutter guards shall be non-combustible”. Both aluminium and steel gutter mesh fall into this “non-combustible” category, so regardless of your BAL rating, you can use the All-Clear BlueScope steel mesh or any Blue Mountain Co gutter mesh product as a gutter guard around your home.

Do I have to clean the gutters first before installing All-Clear Gutter Guard NQ?

No, you don’t have to clean the gutters before installation because we remove all leaf or organic debris along with any bird-nesting material with  every gutter guard installation.

Will you advise me if my gutters are rusted?

Yes, we will advise you if your gutters need replacing or repair. We can also assist you with replacing or repairing your gutters. Once the gutters have been fixed, we complete the installation of the gutter guard.


Is All-Clear Gutter Guard NQ made in Australia?

Yes, Our BlueScope steel mesh is 100% Australian-made in NSW, where it’s the market leader against bushfire attack on homes. It comes with a 25 year manufacturers product warranty.  Our BMCO range of gutter guards are Australian designed imported products.

What is the best gutter or leaf guard for a metal corrugated roof or Trimdek roof?

The most important thing is that the guard is attached to the roof between 250mm and 330mm up the roof, over the gutter and attached firmly to the edge of the gutter using a colour matched angle trim. This method of installation completely stops any leaves or pests entering your gutters and valleys, and encourages leaves to simply slide off the roof. Cliplock and flat roofs are often pan fixed to stop leaves getting in, but the mesh will need to be cleaned off regularly.

What is the best gutter or leaf guard for a tiled roof?

The BMCO aluminium or steel mesh attaches to the edge of the gutter and is secured to a special clip that is inserted under the second tile of the roof. Due to Qld regulations, roof tiles have to be secured with ‘Cyclone-clips’ for added security. The system works well because the pitch of the roof is maintained, which encourages the leaves to simply slide off instead of sitting in your gutters. It is important that the gutter guard maintains the pitch of the roof, also known as the ski slope effect.

Will I see my All-Clear Gutter Guard NQ after installation?

Generally, no, you may see it on the roof valley section, if you have them on your roof but not normally on a single storey house, the gutter mesh is not seen from ground level. The gutter mesh is fitted to maintain the pitch of the roof. The gutter mesh & fittings come in the colour bond colours so once fitted the gutter guard blends in very well. There are in-gutter systems that cannot be seen, but we have chosen not to include them in our product range because they create more work for the home-owner and do not work as well.